You are now at the place where the whole L-VIS performance magic begins.

Thanks to a carefully planned programme, all party participants are becoming a part of a unique atmosphere...

And so, at the beginning, the host of the event mysteriously and enthusiastically announces L-VIS's performance.

Then the light in the room and on the stage is fading.  At the same time the audience is beginning to hear first bars of "Also Sprach Zaratustra" (motif from "Space Odyssey").  This is how the "tension" - typical for Elvis concerts in the 70ties - is being built.

In a characteristic moment of the mentioned work (when participants hear percussion) in the place where L-VIS is supposed to appear a spotlight is being turned on.  It "introduces" L-VIS to the stage.  When he appears all lights in the room and on the stage "come back to life".

L-VIS in a typical way greets the audience and the show starts.  L-VIS really sings "live" reflecting with full passion, expression and energy the fascinating climate and electrifying atmosphere known from Elvis Presley's concerts.  You will also experience romantic moments.